Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Moving Pictures

So the last few days have mostly consisted of this:
Followed by massive amounts of paper. I had no idea how much paper the movers used. Everything, everything, was wrapped in paper, and don't spare the trees! The TV remote: three layers of paper. Plastic tupperware lids: two sheets of paper. A box of kleenex: one sheet of paper. Ye gads!

The avalanche of paper led to this of course:
Here, Scott demonstrates some excellent paper-stomping technique:
And if you've ever wondered if Scott could fit inside a cardboard box...
He can!

This here's one of the last kitchen boxes to get unpacked. Scott commented that although the kitchen accounts for the least amount of actual space in the apartment, it contains the largest amount of actual Stuff. Not sure who's fault that is...
The fridge is there on the right, with the oven in the middle. On the left, across from the fridge, is a little pantry. And across from the oven is the sink and dishwasher. I've belatedly realized that once you account for all the appliances et cetera, there's not a lot of counterspace. We'll probably buy some sort of butcher block/kitchen island to give me a little more space to work.

And the requisite shot of our fridge contents, circa two days ago.
Don't worry. We've rounded things out since then. Now there's at least a quart of milk and some lunch meat. And more beer. Hey, unpacking is thirsty work!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving Day: Reprise

Yesterday marked the first official day in our new digs. Yay! The movers showed up bright and early, and promptly began unloading. Scott and I helped of course:
Maybe we'll get rid of our living room furniture and put in a few bike ramps instead. Eh? Eh?!

The fun was shortlived, however. The movers quickly put us to work marking off the inventory list and making sure all our stuff was indeed, well, ours:
We did fit in a small photo shoot.
No paparazzi this time, thank goodness. We were in NO MOOD for their shenanigans!

The movers had finished hauling in all our worldly goods by about noon, and we were left us to our own devices. Whhhaaat?!
This unpacking business has been hard. Harder than we thought it would be. Or, I guess, more emotional than we thought it would be. It's hard to explain. I this move feels real. Moving into this great apartment is both incredibly exciting and also very final. The past two days have felt like a complete roller coaster of emotions. Which took us off guard, I think, because we kind of thought we were already done with that stuff. Whhhaaat?!

It's also just exhausting. It was a lot easier when we moved into Bynner Street with only an armchair and a milk crate to call our own. Anywho. At least we have our bikes.