Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's this all about?

Scott and Emma are getting married! For reals!

Here's the scoop:

Who: Scott and Emma (That's us!)
What: Getting married (No joke!)
When: Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm
Where: Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts
Why: Love is awesome! So is cake!

Please arrive near-abouts 5:30, as we'll be starting the ceremony at 6:00. After we say lovey-dovey words to each other, please stick around for yummy food (fried chicken! mac n' cheese!), tasty drinks, and silly dancing.

You can park for free at the Museum of Science or take the Green Line all the way to the Science Park stop. The museum itself is just a hop and a skip from the station.

Also, children are very welcome. In fact, we have access to free one-day passes to the museum for our entire guest list, so if you or your family would like to do some scientific exploration that weekend, let us know!

No gifts are necessary or expected, but if you just can't resist giving us a token of your love, check out the places where we're registered on the "A Note About Our Wedding Registry" link to the right side of the page over there. I'm not quite sure how this registry thing works (never done this before!), but I think that at both sites, you can search for either Scott's or my full name and our registry should come up. If this isn't working, let me know.

With family near and far, not to mention the fact that Scott and I are about to embark on our move to Columbus, this here website will be Grand Central. Stop in to say howdy and check out things are coming along!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Word About Our Wedding Registry

Here's the scoop: No gifts are necessary or expected. Like, seriously, you guys!

But! If you just can't resist giving us a token of your love and affection, we're registered at the following fine establishments:

Chez Target (Registry #013399700244798)
Misters Williams and Sonoma (Registry #N2738200)

Gift cards in any amount are also completely okie dokie with us. Also, I think there's, like, three things on the Target registry right now, so check back in on that one.

I'm actually not sure how this registry thing works (never done this before!), but I think that at both sites, you can search for either Scott's or my full name and our registry should come up. If that doesn't work, try entering the registry numbers. If that doesn't work...er...let me know!

Oh, and a final note: the registry should already be set up for this, but please go ahead and have gifts ordered online mailed to our place in Columbus. That just makes everything easier. If you don't have our address, shoot us an e-mail.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Share Your Favorite Songs for Dancing the Night Away!

Turns out that our reception space comes with its very own dance floor! How can we not have a little dance party, right? Right!

Scott and I have already picked our our favorite grooving tunes and are putting together a wee play list. So far that comes to about 10 minutes of awesome dancing time. Help!

What songs do you recommend for dancing the night away?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun Things to Do in Boston

*If you'd like passes to the Museum of Science, please let us know! We have free one-day passes for all our guests that are good for any day the weekend of the wedding.*

Museum of Science - Yeah, we know you're coming to see us get hitched and ogle at the awesome view of the river from our reception hall, but there's lots of other fun things to do at the museum too! Scott and I particularly recommend the Lightening Room (no, they wouldn't let us get married there. We asked.)

New England Aquarium - This was actually one of our runners up for Places to Get Married - they would have let us get married next to the penguins! So go, visit, and say hi to all the silly fish creatures for us.

Children's Museum - Boston - Have an ice cream cone for us at the Milk Bottle, kay?

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) - FYI, Thursdays at the ICA are free! If you're in town early, check it out.

Boston Duck Tours - If you've never been to Boston before, this is a great way to get a feel for the city. Plus you get to quack and yell and say all sorts of goofy things to the people on the sidewalk as you pass by. 

Freedom Trail Tour - Feel like a spot of history? Find the red line running all through downtown Boston and the North End, and follow it to lots of historic spots.

Faneuil Hall Market Place - Lots of stalls with food vendors and plenty of crowd gazing to be had.

Hotels in Boston

*Our wedding is over Columbus Day weekend, so be sure book your hotels soon before they fill up!*

Since hotels in Boston can be, shall we say, "spendy," we've provided a few different tiers of hotels, inns, and B&B's. For the places outside of Boston, we've made sure that they're in cool areas (we think!), close to a train stop, and no more than 20 minutes from downtown by train.

We didn't have enough people to register for a group discount anywhere, so we suggest just talking to your buddies and making sure you're all staying at or near the same place.

Also, as a final note, if the hotel prices are making it cost-prohibitive for you to come to the wedding, please send us an e-mail. We don't want this to be an issue for you and it might be that we can work something out.

With all that said, here you go!

Tier 1 : Brookline

All these places are close to Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA. There's a little shopping area, restaurants, a movie theater, and parks. The closest T-stop is Coolidge Corner and it's about a 20 minute ride straight downtown and to the Museum of Science.

• Beacon Innhttp://www.beaconinn.com/rates.shtml - $99 per night and up
• The Beech Tree Inn - http://www.thebeechtreeinn.com/bti_guestrooms.htm - About $119/night
• The Longwood Innhttp://longwood-inn.com/ - $114 - $135/night 

Tier 2: Cambridge/Harvard Square/Porter Square

Harvard Square is about 15-20 minutes from downtown on the T and requires 1 change of trains to get to the Museum of Science. It's a very cute area with lots to do and see - especially if you've never been to Boston before!

• Harvard Square Hotelhttp://www.harvardsquarehotel.com/ - $229 and up
• Friendly Inn at Harvard Squarehttp://www.afinow.com/ - $97 - $197
• Bed & Breakfast in Cambridgehttp://www.cambridgebnb.com/ - $75 - $190 - some rooms have a 3-night minimum, it seems.
• Mary Prentiss Innhttp://maryprentissinn.com/ - $129 and up - This one is closer to Porter Square. It's a little further out, but still a nice area. Near where I went to culinary school, in fact!

Tier 3: Downtown Boston

These three hotels are right in Copley Square, near the Boston Public Library, the Boston Public Gardens, and lots of shopping and restaurants. It's a short ride on the T to the Museum of Science and other museums.

• Copley Square Hotelhttp://www.copleysquarehotel.com/ - About $250
• Colonnade Hotelhttp://www.colonnadehotel.com/the_hotel/ - About $250
• Westin at Copley Placehttp://specialoffers.starwoodhotels.com/westincopleyplace/ - About $250