Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is Scott's Fault

We've been here about one week now. We're still alive, but very short on supplies. We've been trying to communicate with the outside world via this homemade transistor radio. We are almost out of batteries. If anyone can hear us...please send food. The natives have been wandering closer to our secret campsite. I fear that soon we will be discovered, and then our true identity will be revealed. Everything will have been for naught.  Wait. I think I hear someone coming.

So Emma has been detailing some of the early parts of our Ohio move.  But really this whole ordeal is my fault.  I can't outrun the truth.  Today was the first day where I accepted my responsibility for what I have done.  So like any adult would do, I took Emma out to see Honda.  

Plus I needed to see how long my commute is going to be.

We're currently living in the northwest area of Columbus. Technically we're in a town called Dublin, just barely outside of the Columbus city limits. We scoot out of our apartment and head over to I-270N. We're only on this road for one exit, then we jump onto I33 West. I'm fairly confident that 33 runs more North/South, based on my ability to read a map, but who am I to question these things? After about 20 miles, we see signs of civilization:

That's right, Honda has its own parkway. We continue onward. Before we get to Honda R&D, we pass the manufacturing center. This is the main manufacturing plant for all of Honda's North American operations. Everything that I will eventually design for Honda will get made in this beast of a facility. Parts are assembled in various plants around the country, but everything gets designed in my building, and then made here.

Honda Manufacturing is so big that it has at least 4 entrances. We drove past Gates A-D, but the biggest building is here at Gate C. And here it is:

This picture does not do justice to the sheer enormousness of the plant. Hopefully this next picture will help.

I'm not sure how big this actually is. I'm hoping they tell me that during orientation next week. But there are about 7 train tracks leading into the place. The light colored section behind the train tracks is a sea of Hondas ready to go somewhere else. Behind the car ocean is the plant itself. Maybe you'll just have to see this to believe it. Not the most subtle carbon footprint.

Finally we get to where I need to go: Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Here is my business card (not to scale):

I can't get into the building yet because I don't have my employee ID yet. I decide not to rassle with the security, so this is as close as we got.

I'm pretty sure that the security was the same when I drove to Montreal a few years ago.

Hopefully I'll be able to give you some more pictures at a later time. The grounds are actually quite impressive. In addition to the main building, there is a lake with walking path around it, 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, gym, test track, car wash, and a full service shop to service employee's cars as well as do work on the race cars.


  1. Hey, Scott, thanks for the tour!

    All of this reminds me of when I first came to Digital Equipment Corporation in 1974. The Parker Street complex seemed enormous to me -- especially since it had two helicopter pads -- but the Honda complex is way bigger. I look forward to seeing it for myself when we come to visit you sometime.

    Thanks to both of you for the wonderful posts. We have enjoyed reading them. Enjoy your last week of being unemployed! :)

    Love to you both,
    Dad / Jesse

  2. Do work on the race cars? Say what?

    I think everything looks super freakin' cool. If you don't manage to smuggle emma and her awesome camera into the facility, I think you should serrupticiously sneak some cameraphone pics of the test track and the employee garages and stuff. I am SO CURIOUS about how it all works! It sounds so awesome!

  3. I suggest putting your name on your business cards. Email and phone number may also be useful. This is the voice of experience talking!

  4. Cool blog so far! Are these jokes funny yet?

  5. I think Emma and I have been here long enough to find 4 of those jokes funny. But I'm not going to tell you which ones.

    And Jana, I will spray paint my contact info onto that sign. I thought it was big enough on its own. Silly me.