Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where We Could Have Lived

We took a trip the other day to explore some of the areas outside of Columbus. Between Columbus and Honda, the biggest town is Marysville. It's a much smaller town with a much more rustic feel. It certainly has its charm, but Emma and I are a bit more at home in city.  Here are some highlights from the trip.

Apparently, Marysville is on the other side of the fence:

We found my building supply store, complete with giant chicken:

Everyone knows how excited I get for some good, down-to-earth, truck on truck action!

Emma's parents live in a dome home in Minnesota, and we were impressed to see another one out here:

The next picture didn't come out as I had hoped, but it's basically a tattoo and piercing shop next to the Republican headquarters on Marysville. I can only imagine the hijinks between these two.

Then we stumbled across this little number on our way out of town:



  1. Please tell me you went to the 4X4 tug-o-war!!

  2. We actually would have, but the tickets were strangely spendy (like $35 each?!) and it was partway over anyways. We heard a lot of engine revving, though!