Saturday, December 12, 2009

Honey and Müney

Hello! We got a little side-tracked there. See, we've had these new house guests...
This is Honey. She likes climbing into your lap for five seconds before bounding away, being brushed ALL THE TIME! ALWAYS! RIGHT NOW!, and staring at you indignantly as you walk away. Love me!
This is Müney. He likes hiding beneath our laundry drying rack, being 15 pounds, and complaining loudly about nothing in particular.
We adopted them from two co-workers of Scott's who have a two-year-old. Apparently the cats and the two-year-old weren't so much getting along. We found them when we got back to Columbus right after our wedding, hence Honey and Müney. (Honey...Moon...get it? Also, umlauts just rock.)

They're kind of the best cats ever.


  1. Yay! I love the photos! I love the kitties! I love the names! I love you guys! Hooray for everything!

    Are you coming home soon?



  2. Hold the phone, I just realized that I insinuated that "home" is in Boston. I apologize. What I meant was, are you going to be in Boston soon? Because clearly your wonderful home is currently Columbus.

  3. *sniff sniff!* You can have more than one home, right? That's allowed?

    You guys should strap Cole in the car seat and head on over here at some point. Cole should have some real Midwestern dirt to play in.

  4. That would be awesome. Maybe we could drive there in a car with holes in the floor during a snowstorm in May? But that would never happen!

    I bet the dirt there is cleaner than the dirt here. Plus your CATS ARE SO CUTE HOLY CRAP MY EYES!

  5. They are cute! I think I might have loved being 15 pounds too.

  6. Oh, this cat totally loves being a hefty guy. His head butts (see above picture) can knock you over if you're not prepared. If I get reincarnated as a cat, it's definitely the way to go.