Monday, April 20, 2009

A Word About Our Wedding Registry

Here's the scoop: No gifts are necessary or expected. Like, seriously, you guys!

But! If you just can't resist giving us a token of your love and affection, we're registered at the following fine establishments:

Chez Target (Registry #013399700244798)
Misters Williams and Sonoma (Registry #N2738200)

Gift cards in any amount are also completely okie dokie with us. Also, I think there's, like, three things on the Target registry right now, so check back in on that one.

I'm actually not sure how this registry thing works (never done this before!), but I think that at both sites, you can search for either Scott's or my full name and our registry should come up. If that doesn't work, try entering the registry numbers. If that doesn't me know!

Oh, and a final note: the registry should already be set up for this, but please go ahead and have gifts ordered online mailed to our place in Columbus. That just makes everything easier. If you don't have our address, shoot us an e-mail.


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