Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving Day!

Hello from the Holiday Inn Express in Buffalo where the shampoo smells like vanilla frosting and the lotion is labeled "Soothe." Yes, please! But backing up a few days, we thought we'd bring you a few snapshots from moving day.

After being stuck in the traffic for most of the morning (we won't miss that!), the movers showed up Friday morning and got right to work packing, disassembling, and loading.
The crew was really really awesome. They moved too fast to get a good shot of them, so this is the only group photo. That's Todd on the left, then Mikey, then the boss man, Gilberto.
We really couldn't have asked for a better crew. Even though they had to work into the evening after getting off to that late start, they were chipper and careful and took time to chat with Scott and I. As stressful and emotional as it was to watch our belongings get packed away, the respect and attention these guys showed really helped set our minds at ease.

They finished packing up in a few hours and started loading the truck.
Although the movers seemed happy to let us hang out, it was pretty obvious that they had things well in hand. We were really just cramping their style, truthfully.

Since packing our own car didn't really have a lot of appeal...
...things quickly disintegrated into goofiness.
We even got a visit from our favorite neightborhood dog and dog walker. In the five years that we've lived in this neighborhood, this man has never made eye contact or smiled at us despite our escalating attempts to force his hand and the fact that his dog OBVIOUSLY wanted love from us. I surreptiously snapped this shot as the dog walker passed by (still avoiding eye contact as usual, of course).
So mysterious. So intriguing. We'll miss you, strange dog walker man! And your cute dog, too!
Thing were still a little slow, so we decided to do some pro bono modeling work for J Crew.
Until the paparazzi showed up, that is. No paparazzi!

All too soon, the van was loaded. That's all our stuff! It will be going into storage in Ohio until Scott and I find a place of our own. (We're in temporary housing provided by Honda until then. Thanks, Honda!)
Goodbye, stuff! See you in a few months. Eep!
And then it was just me and Scott in an empty apartment.
A very dirty empty apartment.
Guys, this still feels like our apartment.
It feels like we're just on vacation. It feels like we'll be back next week. 112 Bynner Street still feels like home.


  1. *cries* Awesome pictures Emma! I miss you guys a ton already. Poops. Can't wait to see more updates on this nerdisphere!

  2. I remember that short legged dog from when I was there! HE'S SO FUNNY! Lookit his short legs! Seeing your moving guys makes me think we need moving guys... moving scares me. Good luck, Bartbuffs!

  3. Wow, when I saw those pictures of you guys I was like, "Holy crap ... check out the J. Crew models who look like Scott and Emma!" Totally.

    :) -Margaret

  4. So good to see some pics of the two of you! Good luck with the rest of your move!


  5. Exciting times. Yesterday to Buffalo; today to Columbus!!

  6. No matter what mood the moment calls for, you guys always find a way to turn it around into something cheerful and hilarious. You both missed your calling as J. Crew models.

    I'm so sad to see you go but am so happy that you have each other. Can't wait for more updates... xo