Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Get Married! Getting Ready

Whew! As many people warned us it would be, the wedding was a complete whirlwind! A lovely, fantastic, emotion-filled whirlwind. It's been really fun to go back through all the pictures and relive the moments that seemed to slip by so quickly.

(Click on any of these pictures to see them larger!)

The morning of the wedding, I headed over to the Taylor House, a bed-and-breakfast in Jamaica Plain where my family was staying.
My lovely aunt took charge of my hair. She was a hair stylist in another life, and it was special to me to have her be the one to do my hair. The original idea was a simple French twist, but Char really went to town!
Here's Char (on the left) and my mom Joyce (on the right) having a quick consult about the 'do.

Me, attempting to sip my mimosa through layers of hair!
Char and her mighty can of hairspray, making triple sure my hair wasn't going anywhere for a while. It didn't.
A moment with Dad.
Mom, pinning felt flowers in my hair.
With jewelery and make-up!
A last minute fit of nerves once I saw myself in the wedding dress (and boob check, apparently).

Meanwhile, across town...
Scott putting on his tie.
Scott and Troy (and Jana, the photographer!) waiting for the bus to the Museum of Science!

And we're off!

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  1. Yay!! I love seeing ths stuff! More more! Emma, your hair was so amazing. And Scott, so you don't feel left out; you did a great job with your tie.