Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Low Brewing Company: The First New Low

We now pause in our regularly scheduled wedding coverage to bring you a summary of the first homebrewing attempt by the New Low Brewing Company, co-founded by Scott Heines and Emma Christensen:

Adventures in Homebrewing (click each link for the full scoop on the Kitchn website):


(Many thanks to Faith Durand for taking most of these pictures while Scott's and my hands were busy!)


  1. aw. our little homebrew noobies are getting all growed up!

  2. That looks like fun! Can you make some root beer for when I come over?

  3. Jana - we just got supplies for our next batch: an imperial pale ale! There's, like, actual grains to mash and hops to hopify! We're totally excited.

    And Adam, we will DEFINITELY make you root beer when you come over! And ginger ale too! Because choice in sodas is key, even if you always pick root beer.