Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Get Married! Museum of Science Entourage

I think Scott and I both forgot that there would actually be...you know...people? In the museum? When we were all getting there? We made a scene.

Still. Arriving at the museum was kind of awesome:
(As before, click on the pictures to see them bigger!)

A tender moment with my momma, taking in the view over the Charles River as we walked into the room.
Work was already well under way getting everything set up!
A quick consultation with my mom making sure the felt flower arrangements were just right.
Hello, Sister Marilyn! She's a friend of my parents from when they were all teachers together at a catholic school in Portland, Oregon. She and another sister, Sister Rosie, did all the lovely napkin rings.
And look! My two awesomest buddies from college, Ruthie and Camilla! They hung out with me all day - cracking jokes, force-feeding me delicious pastries, and handing me tissues as needed.
Wait, who's that on the phone?
This guy! I like this guy!
Yeah, this guy for reals! I'm totally going to marry this guy (his name is Scott) in about two hours!
More awww....!!!!
Wait, this doesn't bode well....


  1. I just found this post while looking for images. I'm getting married at the MoS this fall! Did you love it?

  2. Yes, it was great! The view was really all the decoration we needed - we got married right as the sun set. Food was great and a good time was had by all. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions going into it!